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In China, NICK has set up a sub-assembly production operation center. The products are mainly supplied to the first-tier markets of the United States, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc., and the multi-process and multi-process imported high-precision coating production line independently researched and developed, with high production efficiency. The product quality is stable, especially for the rhinoceros products, the upgrade of the top TPU material (functional coating) products, and the production support has a professional competitive advantage.

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NICK is a comprehensive brand operation organization dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of automotive special protective film. It is the first enterprise in China to operate automotive paint protective film. In the early days, it was popular with ROSH internationally certified rhino skin partial protective film. Focusing on the R&D and production of car paint film products, it has the advantages of R&D and technology for the top TPU material paint protective film. It is one of the cooperative brands of American SEMA Refit Exhibition and Frankfurt International Auto Parts Exhibition, and has won Las Vegas. A-IDEA popular brand (A-IDEA) popular brand, Germany Berlin red dot off-road rally (IE Award) recommended brand, the products sell well in more than 30 countries and regions.
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In 2008, NICK participated in the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), opened the operation of the NICK brand mainland market, and continued the high-quality brand positioning of the international market, relying on the R&D and production advantages of China’s differentiated production and operation center,With high-quality and cost-effective product performance, it has won the popular product of the Las Vegas Automotive Modification Festival (A-IDEA) and the recommended product of the German Berlin Red Dot Cross-Country Rally (IE Award).

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Justin Shah VP Marketing at RSUD Magelang

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Mark Sutomo CEO and Founder @pabrikbaja
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Company divide four department R&D, Account Marketing, Domestic Oversea Sales and QC.

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NICK will help design layout in every branch store and provide marketing materials for our agents.

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Adopt to state of art equipment import from abroad 6 sets coating machines length distance between 33 meter.

Production Line

Dust free workshop and advanced test lab.

Tech Expert

They are all achieve Doctor Degree and rich industry experience.

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