Date: Oct, 16th 2021, Wrote by Fenny overseas Dept from headquarter NICK China

What’s the Best Paint Protection Film for Cars?

Is Paint Protection Film Worth on Car?

Does Paint Protection Film Damage Paint?

How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?

How to Install Paint Protection Film?

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Paint protection film (PPF) became more popular and trendy on the automotive aftermarket with its properties for self-healing minor scratches, corrosion resistance, and maintaining gloss appearance paint.  

A number of Vehicle Protection Film manufacturers showed up on the market at global most known paint protection film companies are XPEL, Hexis Bodyfence, Suntek, Stek, and NICK ppf film brands.

Here we list out common question paint protection film for vehicles

What’s the Best Paint Protection Film for Cars?

You can find plenty of paint protection film companies on the market however looking for a trustworthy business partner isn’t as easy as you thought, Price is always taken into consideration when you choose a business partner, some companies may be satisfying you in the aspect of price and you didn’t realize you get trapped, while you bought a large amount of PPF and apply to cars getting yellowing, cracks, or bubbles within one year. Who should be blamed? I guess money will find it out. There is an old saying Each penny accounts.

To get premium paint film protection for cars we will check the following 3 points:

  • Make sure raw material Argotec thermoplastic urethane(TPU) film for which optically clarity with non-yellowing high tensile strength lays flat and smooth Ultraviolet (UV) protection.
  • Adhesive self-healing coating plays a vital role while the process of auto paint protection film production, inferior adhesive will cause glue to remaining&crack while peeling off clear bra ppf.
  • Release liner Paper protects substrate coating from damage. A Well-known supplier is Toray Japan.
  • Warranty declaration

Do not use paint protection film without an ISO certificate and warranty card. Otherwise, you will lose a lot and make an impact on the company’s reputation.

NICK became one of the leading ppf protection film suppliers contributed to its strict QC system and sophisticated technology which achieve from abroad.

Is Paint Protection Film Worth on Car?

Investigation showed that 80% of car owners intend to get pdf for car paintwork protection on the internet. Let’s assume your car value is US$0.15Millons it occasionally gets hit slightly while you are parking in Mall, you feel sucks when it appears scratches swirl on the car’s body paint. Even if car paint correction is finished it will devalue car assets. Above information, we concluded firmly believe that it’s worthy wrapping paint protection film for the car.

Does Paint Protection Film Damage Paint?

Car paintwork protection film definitely won’t damage the original paintwork of the car at all. However, while waxing for paint correction its kind of chemical protection apparently will damage the original paintwork.

What’s more, it’s easy to remove from the car if you need to replace it for scratches part.

How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?

Every product requires proper maintenance. When your car is guarded by clear paint protection film is scratch-free, corrosion-free, and paint damage away from you. Although clear bra property with Ultraviolet(UV) resist it doesn’t imply you can park under sunlight for a long time.

NICK tpu gloss&matte paint protection film can be lasting more than 5 years in yellowing resistance and with no cracks. Sometimes it gets minor scratches unexpectedly you can replace a new one doesn’t ask for full coverage, thus you can cost less for paintwork protection.

How to Install Paint Protection Film?

Many customers care about how to install ppf, especially beginner businessmen. There is a saying good car protection film requires a well-trained installer, NICK ppf car protection has lots of PPF installation coaches and we set out training courses every month.

Preparation ppf cutting fits automotive contours.

First of all, We will learn to cut ppf roll into car panel patterns to fit kinds of car body wraps. By peeling off PPF surface protective film and making use of it stick on the automotive body to drawing pattern, then you can cut ppf roll in different pattern and put it aside waiting for installation. Some shops will buy pre-cut machines and database programs for car film wraps.

Requirements for workshop conditions


As we know, it inevitably exists dust in the air, so it’s necessary to keep room space humidity up to 56% during you install paint protection film on the car, it’s not allowed something falls on the film, or it will appear to stain spot on car paint when installation finished.  

LED Light device 

NICK flagship store workshop equipped with LED and stage light ensure installation work under bright light environment.

Pay much attention to hand strength while wrapping a clear bra on the car hood&bumper. It cannot stretch too tight or loose, find out aim points and pin it on the car when you use squeegees.

The paint protection film is typically applied to the most vulnerable areas of your car such as the Hood, bumper, side mirrors, headlights, and handle cups.