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What is TPU Paint Protection Film Features?

TPU Thermoplastic Polyurethane with excellent abrasion resistance, strong ability of stretch and chemicals resistance. Complicated production process and costly.

How about NICK Paint Protection Film Usage Lifespan?

Normally it can be used 7-10years mostly depends on environment circumstance as well.

How to maintenance NICK paint protection film?

Insist on principle137.3 means parking one day when installation done+Inspection in 3days+wash car after 7days. every season(3months) use ppf maintenance detergent and detailing liquid.

Can NICK Paint Protective Film be removed without damage of facotry paint?

Professional workshops can remove NICK PPF without any damage to the paint or adhesive

Q:What kind of Warranty you will support?

A:We assure clients NICK PPF 3-10 years warranty(TPH type 3years TPU type 7-10years), when you open package take care of QR code inside roll tube as record.

What kind of assistance NICK Provide for Win-win Cooperation?

NICK will put forward a few pieces of suggestions and strong support pre sale service and after sales service. for our client who are intended to growing business in automotive film.

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