Paint protection film Vs Ceramic Coatings

We all love our cars and nothing can beat the protective feeling when we buy a gorgeous new car. However, no matter how much you keep your car protected it will still lose its shine and aesthetics. It usually occurs due to the natural wear and tears through the external elements and environmental conditions.

But what if all this can be prevented? Yes, this is all possible by using paint protection films for cars. You can cover your car with several protection options that keep its shine intact and make it look beautiful for a longer time. You must have stumbled upon certain terms like ceramic coatings or paint protection films for the car. Do you know what these exactly do?

The films or the coatings are meant to protect your car from any sort of damage that can be caused due to external elements. So which one is better and which one should you opt for?

Let’s understand in detail:

Paint Protection Film

PPF or the “clear bra” is made up of thermoplastic polyurethane film that keeps your car protected from potential scratches, chips, sand, dust, debris, stones, and bird droppings. It’s extremely light in weight and transparent. The clear protection film is easily malleable, which will protect your car without affecting its finish and aesthetics.

Certain protection films are made of self-healing coating and due to this, they can self-heal themselves instantly or when heat is applied. High-quality films are better as they are resistant to heat, rain, water spots, UV rays, and any kind of chemical stains.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings are the liquid polymers that are applied to your car exterior. The coatings bond with the factory paint of the car to form a kind of semi-permanent layer. The raw materials used in the coatings are the same which are those used in glass and ceramics. This includes silicon dioxide. They have a higher percentage of silicon dioxide like the crystal shield that adds a glossier finish to the car.

Ceramic coatings have hydrophobic properties. This means that the liquid won’t be able to stick to your car. This makes it easy to wash off the smudges, marks, and unwanted stains. These coatings are perfect and offer enhanced UV protection and chemical resistance.

Paint Protection Films and Ceramic Coatings serve the purpose of protecting your car’s aesthetics. They protect and preserve the external body eg the paint of the car. In addition to this, these products have similar features like- protecting the car from UV exposure, acidic elements or contaminants, and hydrophobicity.

The protection offered by both the products is exactly similar. So exactly where is the difference:

Protection Level

High-quality paint protection films are thick in comparison to ceramic coatings. Due to the thickness in its material, they offer high impact resistance against the rocks, leaves, debris, etc.

Certain PPF is composed of the material that gives them the ability to heal themselves whenever there is any damage or scratch. They can return to their original form after getting affected due to scratch. So if you are worried about the scratch and need protection from the same, then nothing is better than PPF.


It is one of the important factors that must be taken into consideration when choosing a protection film. A high-quality PPF that is made from aliphatic TPU will last longer and will offer protection for as long as 7-10 years. It must be applied through an expert for a seamless look.

Ceramic Coating offers protection for over 3-5 years. It depends on the hardness you choose. For example- the 10H coating is the best one in the market that lasts for 5 years if the application is done perfectly.


Both PPF and ceramic coatings have the excellent property of repelling water. This unique property of both products makes it easier to clean and maintain.

UV protection

PPF and Ceramic coatings both offer protection from the UV rays. PPF offers enhanced UV protection, ensuring your car remains vibrant.


Both PPF and Ceramic coating protects the original paint and looks of your car. They help to maintain its luster. Nick PPF offers the best paint protection film that comes with gloss-enhancing properties that give your car the perfect velvet shine.

The decision whether to go for ceramic coating or PPF must be considered on three important factors. These include- your expectations, how long you want the film to protect your car and the budget of course. If you are frequently on road trips or highways and your main objective is to protect your car from dirt, debris, stones that can keep your car from Socratic, then PPF is always the best bet for you.

PPF will cost you more than the ceramic coating but we know you would want quality over anything else. Depending on the budget you can decide if you would want protection film or coating. There are certain DIY paint protection films available too but it is advisable to get it applied through an expert.

What to Avoid When Choosing Paint Protection Films?

When you are planning to buy paint protection films then we would always advise you to avoid cheap paint protection films. Buy an effective and reliable protection film from a reputed and trustworthy brand.

If budget is your decision-making criteria then you can also choose to apply the protection film on the specific portions of your vehicle. The areas you can cover are- bonnet, side mirrors, front bumpers, etc. These are the areas of the car that are highly susceptible to damage and need care as extra protection.

The paint protection film is anytime worth trying. They are expensive and there is a reason behind it. The product not just protects your car but maintains its value for a long time. In addition to this, the application also requires manual labor when applying the protective layers.

There are several packages and pricing involved. You can choose the same as per your requirements. However, we would recommend you to choose a reliable and trustworthy brand. Many customers who have already used paint protection films have reported that their effects are phenomenal and last for a long time. The product is so sturdy that it does not wear off easily and reapplication is also not required.

As we already discussed, the best paint protection films are much thicker than the ceramic coating with self-healing ability. PPF is 8 thousandths of an inch and on the other hand, ceramic coating is about 10-20 microns thick. Therefore, it is the best product that can help prevent physical damage to the car. PPF is the king when it comes to protecting your favorite vehicle.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing PPF over the ceramic coating-

  • Paint protection films offer better protective value against any form of scratches and hard water spots.
  • The product has better durability and is sturdy in comparison to other products in the market.
  • The product has a unique property of self-healing that protects the car in the event of any damage.
  • When you are washing the car then it prevents any kind of marks.
  • Paint protection films are completely suitable for rough use especially when you are using your car for everyday travel. And they are also perfect for driving on country roads and highways.

If your sole objective is to protect your car with an extra layer then without any doubt go ahead with PPF. We, with NICK® PPF, offer you the required guidance and assistance to deal with the same. We assure you will always enjoy the benefits our product has to offer for the long-lasting value and maintenance of your car. If you need any kind of assistance or support from a professional expert, to understand the product better then just get in touch with our team member at NICK® PPF.

We will help you choose the best paint protection film for your card based on your needs.

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So stop worrying any further and drive protected like never before. Get ready with your travel plans and explore the unexplored on the upcoming weekend while on a long drive with your loved ones. But this time the travel will be different as you would be at peace with an extra protective layer already protecting your car. Isn’t it?

Our product won’t just protect your lovely car but will also improve its value for a long time. And we truly understand how much it means to you. However, if you are still unsure and need more details or technical specifications then you can contact us today to schedule an appointment. We would be happy to assist and sort all your queries for our product, its composition, application, and all that is needed for its maintenance.