Date: Aug, 9th 2021, Wrote by Fenny overseas Dept from headquarter NICK China

What is Paint Protection Film

Why Car need PPF films or clear bra

Why Paint Protection Film pops up in automotive aftermarket field

Clear Paint Protection Film Classified as TPH&TPU  

Car Protection Film Installation Instructions

How to maintenance paint protection film for vehicles

What’s difference between traditional Ceramic coating &PPF

Does Paint Protection Film is worthy of automotive investment

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is a kind of thermoplastic urethane film with characters super stretch-ability elastic, weather resistance, and chemical solvent resistance.

Automotive Paint Protection Film structure as the following picture

NICK® Paint Protection Film mainly performance are:

*Self-healing Scratches against minor scrape e.g deliberate key scratch or parking get hit due to blindsight area.

*Impact Resistance good penetration property against stone chips gravels damage on high way or ride in Dessert or meet sandstorm weather.

*Corrosion Resistance when we parking under trees or containment air place there are dropping birds or insects occasional adhesion to vehicle paintwork.

*UV Radiation Resistance against vehicle original paintwork fades away when our car exposure to sunlight for a long time. Therefore, cars owner don’t have to worry about the yellowing phenomenon. what’s more, it enhances paintwork gloss mirror-like finish with invisible paint protection film NICK®

NICK® TPU PPF protection film Core Advantage

Preserve Factory Paint-Automotive cannot avoid scratch occasionally during a ride on road NICK Super film cover 8mil coating layer invisible protection from scratch.

Excellent Stretch-ability -TPU Thermoplastic Polyurethane with excellent abrasion resistance, strong ability of stretch and chemicals resistance which put it on kinds of automotive body.

Elasticity material surface coating possesses resilience memory which makes automotive in optimal appearance all the time.  

Strong Adhesion-NICK ppf uses Ashland pressure-sensitive adhesive which makes sure the edge seal good effect.

Super Gloss-Optical TPU material brighten 45% merge in factory paint with invisible effect

Outstanding Stain Resistance -TPU coating surface with hydrophobic and solvent resistance properties can resist long-term damage to the paint surface, such as asphalt, grease, weak alkali, sand, acid rain, etc.

Why car need PPF films or a clear bra

PPF films can protect car factory paint from chemical staining and damage caused by bird droppings, abrasion, collision, or mineral deposits, and acid rain; it will guard your paint against fading caused by UV rays,anti-yellowing, and keep the car good optical appearance as new.

Why Paint Protection Film pops up in the automotive aftermarket field.

Along with automotive demand increased for people’s daily life many car owners are aware of the importance of car protection paintwork, on one hand, automotive is car owners personal property as a potential investment commodity, on the other hand, Most 4S car dealerships would provide car paint protection film for every consumer as gifts policy.

Clear Paint Protection Film Classified as TPH&TPU

TPH material is evolved from PVC it’s thicker&softer than PVC film, TPH Paint Protection Film mainly performances are toughness, proper elongation, yellowing resistance within 3 years

TPU material adopts Lubrizol masterbatch as same as base film e.g America 3M, Xpel, Llumar V-KOOL. NICK® TPU Paint Protection Film unlike some other suppliers uses flaw tpu material film.

TPU Paint Protection Film’s main performance is strong toughness, super elongation, and excellent yellowing resistance within more than 5 years.

Above introduction, we can know TPH&TPU Paint Protection Film cost is quite different so customers can choose the one that meets their budgets according to their demands.

Black Gloss Paint Protection Film & Matte Paint Protection Film are available in TPH&TPU

Car Protection Film Installation Instructions

There are two ways for PPF car protection film construction Manual cutting and Machine software Program Kits.

Manual cutting requires a set of tools Utility Knife, heat gun, and clean ground dust-free workshop while you spread out clear ppf film. Mold it according to automotive models and cut it off.

Machine software program kits you’ll buy cutting machine and software database which charges monthly usually.

Whichever you choose professional coach is necessary for PPF installation.

Here we list out steps before construction

  1. Check car body paintwork closely ensure its surface flatness and clean finish.
  2. Prepare squeegees in different size, Installation Liquid and storage enough water with high pressure spraying.
  3. Anchor spot on each pieces with sucker before paste and stretch properly.

How to maintenance Paint Protection Film for vehicles

When we driving on the road e.g acid rain rubber and bird dropping caused by external factors we suggest you come back to the detailing center every season(3months) make maintenance for ppf which can prolong its usage.

Here we list the process for maintenance as following

Ensure dust-free space parking under bright light

Wash car uses clean liquid and soap to make complete cleaning

Check every edge if there is dust remain on the corner and uses tools to wipe it away.

uses professional care cream evenly on ppf surface and wipe with fiber towel 5minutes later

What’s the difference between traditional Ceramic Coating&PPF

  1. Traditional ceramic is sort of chemical theory protection for car paintwork e.g polish and solvent coating technical, Paint protection film is kind of physical theory protection which can be seen and touch.
  2. Maintenance cost quite different between Ceramic coating and Paint Protection Film. Car owner choose automotive detailing Paint Protective Film less frequency than Ceramic service when they pick up car at detailing center.

When you choose to wear a clear auto bra Paint Protection Film for the beloved car it at least keeps a gloss finish for more than 3 years or even 8 years looks like you brought it home yesterday.

  • Better protection of automotive original paintwork installed with Transparent Paint Protection Film. While your car happens to minor scratches on vulnerable area e.g headlight, bumper, trunk, you went back to detailing center and technician will tear it off without damage paintwork, they only need reconstruction PPF within 1-2 hours.

Does Paint Protection Film is worthy of automotive investment

According to investigation shows on the second-hand automotive market there are pretty much lost when you sell an old car with paintwork damaged, deal price difference lost about 20% than remaining original paintwork car. It is definitely worth guarding your precious car with NICK® Paint Protection Film.