Have you ever thought of protecting your favorite car with PPF- Paint protection film? After all, your car is the most significant asset you have purchased. Isn’t it? Therefore, it is essential to ensure that it remains well-maintained, protected, and good-looking.

If you want to make your car look perfect with a glossy finish and wish to preserve its value to the highest standard, then PPF is worth trying. All this is possible with a quality PPF- paint protection film.

Presently, there are hundreds of brands offering paint protection film in the market, but not all of them are sturdy and reliable. PPF can be considered a modern marvel, but it must be chosen carefully after considering certain aspects. Don’t worry; we will share those in detail with you to help determine the right product.

PPF- Paint protection films for Cars

Clear Paint protection films are thermoplastic urethane that is usually applied on the painted surfaces of the car. Different protection films protect cars from minor abrasions, stone chips, dust, etc. PPF can come in either colored or transparent form. It also has a customer texture that enhances matte paint or gloss. PPF is available in different thicknesses & warranty & grades and can be purchased from the market.

Paint protection films possess self-healing properties. It is true. The films coating can help repair itself easily when getting scratched. The coating is made up of an elastomeric polymeric substance that maintains its shape once it gets stretched.

Why do you need to coat your car?

Car protection films can preserve the quality finish of your car. The films are virtually invisible and keep the car looking new without changing its design or color. The shine typically goes away with the stock paint in a short period. With the help of coating, there is an added layer to the paint’s top that is durable enough to take abrasions and scratches.

No amount of wax can save the car from damage which usually happens daily. When you are using your car every day, it results in a negative impact on the car. Coating promises to protect it in the longer run. There are various types of PPF guard that protects the rocker panels against the stones that usually occur when tires kick. It protects hoods, mirror backs, and bumpers from different kinds of flying gravel and tar. The PPF kits safeguard the roofs and trunks & ensure to protect the painted surface of the car from UV rays, mineral deposits, and acid rain.

Do you know that PPF, when applied professionally on cars, can last up to 10 years? The durability of the product is greatly dependent on several factors such as the application, environmental factors, preparation, etc.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Paint Protection Film for Your Car?

As a car owner, you might find yourself confused while deciding how to protect your car, and most important being how to choose the PPF. We are going to share a few points that will be helpful for you-

  • How much do you drive?

The more you drive, the more it is sensible to have the full car wrap. This means if you plan to keep your vehicle for a good three years or so, then the standard package film can be sufficient. Also, if you will be using it every day, then you must protect the forward-facing panels. And when using it for off-roading, you must not only protect the front end but also the sides of your car.

  • Save money

Get only what is required at the moment. When you are choosing a car paint protection film, be sure to consider two aspects- your current budget and the comprehensive long-term saving that the ppf will provide. The upfront costs for the product might be higher, but you can easily enjoy financial peace of mind knowing that you won’t be incurring extra costs on paint damage for the next couple of years.

Generally, it is cheaper to wrap and protect the entire car at once than to wrap it in stages.  

  • Some colors show scratches.

So what does it mean? Many people often get surprised to learn that their car color is the topmost point to consider when comparing the packages. But it is essential to note that there are certain paint colors that make the scratches and streaks more visible. White cars and other light paint colors are less likely to show swirls or marks in comparison to black color cars. So paint protection film is a good choice for dark color cars.

  • Rough roads

If you usually spend a lot of time while driving on the roads, then full paint protection film is an ideal choice. Another factor you must consider is the condition of the road you travel. If you are on roads that are loaded with debris, potholes then also full coverage or wrapped car films are ideal. But when you are driving on well-maintained roads, then chances for damage of any kind are reduced.

Choose an ideal and reputable installer with the best reputation

A reputable installer will never fool you or is not going to jeopardize in the name of quality film. However, you should research effectively on your part as well. Make sure the provider you choose has warranties against peeling, yellowing, cracking. There are a few things you can check when looking for an installer-

  • Ensure the installer is making use of high-quality materials for your car.
  • Make sure the installer you choose is reputed and displays only quality work.
  • Check if the prices are too good to be true?
  • Check if the installer has the capability experience to correct any paint issues before getting the installation done. If these issues aren’t corrected, then what is the point of hiring one?
  • Look for an installer that has well-organized space. They must utilize extreme and efficient measures for high-quality installs in a clean-lit environment.

You must understand the PPF paint protection film is installed to provide a protective layer from any sort of physical damage. If you find a great installer, the film would hardly be noticed once it has been locked in place. Any sort of existing defects or blemishes on the paint can be visible after the installation; that is why we recommend applying a film as soon as you buy your new car.

The science behind the paint protection film

Almost all the paint protection film have similar physical construction, and this includes-

Polyester release liner

It is the bottom-most layer of the film. Once it is removed, it exposes the material that bonds effectively to the car’s surface.

Acrylic adhesive

It is slightly thinner and provides the durability of the bond.


It is majorly made up of polyurethane and provides strength to the car paint protection film.

Which is the best paint protection film for my car?
Paint Protection Film Near Me

Nick PPF offers high-quality paint protection films that are unmatchable in terms of quality and sturdiness. Here are the topmost relevant reasons why you should get your car protected through Nick PPF- paint protection film kits

  • Outstanding quality
    Nick PPF offers the highest quality coverage stain resistance with a warranty.
  • Impeccable results

Our customers have received great results and are happy with the services that have been delivered for their vehicles.

  • Extensive research and development
    With an excellent team of researchers, our products are of ultra-premium quality. They are manufactured and designed under the supervision of the best experts in the industry. Products are enabled with better engineering and technology.
  • Our product is the most robust in the industry and protects effectively against paint damage and rock chips, scratches, and swirl.
  • Exceptional healing properties.

Our products won’t just protect your car but will also provide the long-lasting value you are looking for. If you are still unsure, you should get in touch with our team to learn and understand more about the products and specifications in detail.

Even if you want to apply the film on your own, it doesn’t matter but make sure to research effectively. The paint protection film costs will vary greatly across the different brands, so you may also compare and finalize accordingly. Find someone to cheer in the right direction for a quality job rather than fixing a poor quality job. Not to mention a professional can help you save a lot of time, effort, and the hassles of going back and forth.

High-quality car paint protection films aren’t cheaper but have immense benefits. It will make your investment in the PPF worthwhile. Instead of going to the mechanic every time for a minor scratch or a paint issue, it is better to utilize and choose a product that is reliable and delivers cost-effectiveness. Check out our product to learn why it is the most trusted, reliable, and best paint protection film in the industry. We are happy to review your requirements for your car that best fits your needs.

We hope our article will be helpful for you while choosing the best paint protection film for your beloved car. If you still need support, then let us know. We are just a call away.