By May Lai | December 17, 2021

Paint protection film is a product whose sole purpose is to protect the painted surface and other materials where it is applied. It is a polyurethane-based substance that is transparent and gets instantly healed when the top layer gets scratched. So, it is a good idea to get them installed to protect your cars. There are several DIY paint protection films but it is always advisable to have them installed by certified professionals.

So, let’s explore more about car paint protection films and how they can be helpful.

  1. Will paint protection film damage my car?
  2. Tips for choosing car protection film?

Will paint protection film damage my car?

Car Paint protection film is a durable material that is transparent. These transparent films produce a glossy or matte finish which is an affordable way of transforming the appearance of the car. PPF is much stronger than vinyl and produces exceptional resistance against marks, stone chips, bird droppings, and scratches.

PPF is the best solution to protect the paint as it bonds well to the vehicle paint and provides a thin shield on the top without affecting the appearance. They come in the form of a car paint protection film kit and can be installed to provide an extra shield to your vehicle

Be assured the paint protection will not damage your car.

PPF- paint protection film is completely safe to apply to your cars. It will not damage your car but would protect it from unexpected damages. Many customers prefer to get them applied to protect the clear coat of its paint. It is a thin film that uses an adhesive substance that automatically solidifies and gets itself stuck to the vehicle surface. During the installation process, it undergoes multiple stages of installation where it is fitted, cut, and placed. The installer ensures to apply some gel or the squeezer that helps apply film to the painted surface. It is always advisable to choose high-quality car paint protection film– PPF like NickPPF, they have instant healing properties and with them, your vehicles are 100% safe. You must be thinking how long does ppf last? Don’t worry about this, as ppf from high-quality car paint protection film providers last longer than expected. They have longer durability and can keep your cars safe and protected for a longer duration. The best thing about quality service providers is that they ensure they make use of high-quality material during the manufacturing process to offer you unmatchable quality for your expensive cars.

Some of the reasons why you should have them on your car are-

  • It is a savior for the ones who live in areas with a lot of road debris. These can damage your car, in such cases paint protection film is a great solution.
  • It protects cars from UV rays, animal debris, chemical exposure, and a lot more.
  • Provides an enhanced finish to your vehicle. They are also available in gloss and matte and create a brilliant look.
  • Provides superior protection against any chemicals or corrosion- The protective films are infused with layers that protect from harmful contaminants or chemicals to penetrate. It offers superior resistance and reduces damage to the paint.
  • Instant healing- They have self-healing properties which means that the minor scratches can easily be fixed. It fills the minor scratches within a few seconds.
  • Highly resistant to temperature- Protection films provide a heat shield, which helps block the radiation from penetrating the surface of the materials. It also keeps the headlight from fogging, which maintains the on-road visibility.
  • It is a kind of investment that helps vehicle owners maintain the resale value of their car by applying the paint protection film.
  • Many modern cars being manufactured these days have soft clear coats and they are more prone to damage than others. In such cases, paint protection film helps.

PPF is recommended for use in cars, trucks, SUV, and motorsports vehicles. They are the perfect solution for those who are seeking the optimal resistance to scratching, paint oxidation, and clear coat damage. The objective of installing the PPF film is to protect the exposed areas of the vehicles that are prone to get hit by road debris. These areas include the bumper, side-view mirrors, front grille, hood, windows, roof sides, etc.

Every car owner wants to ensure that his vehicle paint remains protected as much as possible. They want their cars to give a brand new, swanky look but the rocks, debris, and unwanted materials cause unexpected and unbearable damage to the cars with scratches, scrapes. These elements are truly hard to avoid, especially if you park your car outside. The paint protection films can help your car, they may be a bit pricey but they can protect your beloved vehicle from any sort of potential damage. Several manufacturers offer different paint protection films cost but make sure you always buy a premium quality one from a renowned manufacturer. Don’t compromise on the quality of the protection films, after all, it is going to protect your car.

Tips for choosing Best Car Paint Protection Film

People who buy cars are choosing to keep them longer. Choosing the right paint protection film for your vehicle is an important decision. Here are some factors to consider when deciding which paint protection film is best for you:

  • Material

The material is the basis to ensure the performance of the product. PPF has a three-layer structure with coating, substrate, and glue.

  1. Coating

Nano-coating is to protects the substrate from the effects of weather, such as light and acid rain. Another key point of nano-coating is self-repair. It sounds like a high-tech feeling, but it’s actually a chemical reaction. After the nano-coating is damaged by an external force, it will stimulate the chemical reaction of the coating to achieve the repair effect.

The quality of the coating is directly related to the self-healing, anti-corrosion, and hydrophobic properties of scratches.

  • Substrate

Invisible car PPF can be divided into three types: PVC, TPH, and TPU. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material is hard and brittle, has good impact resistance, and is low in price. The disadvantage is that the ductility is poor, the rounded corners can not be closed, the service life is short, and the yellowing is easy. NICK TPU PPF is a thermoplastic polyurethane material added with a plasticizer on the basis of traditional materials. It is soft, has high and low-temperature resistance, and has high resilience. It is an environmentally friendly material with good toughness and thermal repair functions.

TPU is also divided into two types, aromatic and aliphatic. Aromatic TPU has low clarity, weak light stability, unstable molecular structure, is easy to be disturbed by the external environment, and is easy to yellow. Aliphatic TPU is a new type of elastic material that can maintain its color and transparency for a long time and has excellent resistance to yellowing and aging.

The quality of the substrate is directly related to the service life (duration), yellowing speed, and scratch-resistance of some invisible car clothing.

  • Glue

The quality of the glue is directly related to whether PPF will have problems such as degumming, glue falling, and edge warping. Pressure-sensitive adhesives without a pungent odor are generally better, and glues with a pungent odor are the worst. When choosing PPF, you can pay more attention to the smell.

  • Performance

After understanding the material, let’s take a look at the performance of the PPF and how to judge the performance.

  1. Self-healing of scratches

Instant healing: The molecular arrangement on the repair coating of the jersey is relatively loose. This repair can only repair the small scratches of the coating without breaking the ring, and the second repair is likely to cause yellowing.

Self-healing with heat: The molecular arrangement on the thermally repaired coating is closer than the molecular arrangement repaired in seconds. When scratched, the molecules will shift, but because the molecules are relatively tightly arranged, they cannot return to their original positions immediately, so it is necessary With the help of external force, use hot water or a lighter or baking gun to heat it to help him return to the original position, and the yellowing resistance of heat repair is better.

  • High gloss, high transparency

The protective film will increase the gloss of the car paint, reduce the maintenance cost of the paint surface in the future, and make your car bright as new for a long time.

  • Anti-corrosion ability

There are many sources of corrosion of the car body, such as bird droppings, insect corpses, gums, insecticides on trees, asphalt, oil fume, air-conditioning water, seawater, etc.

  • Warranty

We must make it clear that only when similar products are in the same quality assurance standard, the longer the warranty period, the better the quality of the product. Nick has a ten-year warranty against yellowing and no discoloration, no edges, no breaks, and no glue loss.

What is the warranty coverage of Nick PPF? There are three main parts:

1. Yellowing of car clothing due to oxidation

2. The film surface formed by the aging of the film is black

3. Leave the glue when tearing the film.

A professional detailer will ensure to review your car and would offer an experience that will be helpful for the long run. If you need assistance with the installation of the paint protection film or need any advice concerning your cars. The best team to help you deal with such situations is Nick PPF.  Our team will help you with the application and make you understand the benefits, drawbacks, and pricing aspects related to the product. If something is better suited for your needs, then we will give you an honest and actual estimate.

If you are looking for high-quality protection film for your cars, at a price that you can afford, let our team know for an estimate and they will help you with the process.

At Nick, we undertake research, development, production, and sales of automotive special car paint protective film. We ensure to provide you with state-of-the-art technology and quality-driven solutions that best meet your needs.