A scratch in any form on your brand new car can make you lose your mind. Isn’t it?

To give your car a brand new and swanky look it needs to be protected all the time. But trust us, this is not an easy task especially if you are regularly on the go or are commuting in crowded zones. Chances are you cannot avoid the minor scratches that can just appear on your car due to one or the other reasons. No matter how much you try to protect your car it can get the paint scratches you want to avoid. Even a minor scratch on the car whether it is old or new can be hurting. Driving around with the slightest issue is a constant reminder of negligence. Stop wasting any further time, and retain your peace of mind with protection film.

So how to deal with it?

Car paint protection film is the answer. Through our article, you will learn how paint protection can help you and where all are the areas where you can apply the paint protection films.

Car paint protection film usage

Modern-day car paint protection film kits are of high quality that are applied on the top layer of the car. They are often transparent or colored and they have self-healing properties. Yes, the paint protection film has one of the unique properties that let it repair itself when it gets accidentally scratched up. Typically, paint protection films are made up of elastomeric polymeric substances. It helps maintain its shape once it gets damaged or stretched.

When you are planning to choose an ideal protection film for your car, there are several directions in which you can go. When the car paint fades away or it peels off, it not just damages the aesthetics of the car but also reduces its resale value. These films are extremely helpful as they act as an effective defensive mechanism against any kind of damage.

These films take the brunt of any foreign material or environmental damage through scratches, leaves, rocks, UV rays, stains, bird droppings, and any sort of chemicals. So here is how it works and where you can apply. The best paint protection films are high in quality and resistant to degradation of any form. In simple words, it is a transparent and clear film that protects the look of your car for a long time. The professionals often use the terms like- clear bra, clear wrap, clear mask, and all of these refer to the paint protection film.

Where can we apply the paint protection film to the vehicle?

Application of Paint Protection Films

When you are planning to protect the larger areas of your car then it can be a little bit challenging process. Therefore, you must take assistance from a  professional or an expert when applying these to your car. The professionals are experts and are aware of the details. The protection film is invisible and does not alter the color or the design element of your vehicle.

  • Hood cover
  • Front and rear fender
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Front and back doors
  • Car roof
  • Car trunk
  • Rear fender

When the film is properly installed on the car, it can last for more than five years. These films perform not just a protective function but also ensure the showroom finish remains for long. However, not all films are the same. The quality of the paint protection film is highly dependent on the type of material utilized in its manufacturing. Just understand if the product is made from aliphatic TPU then it is the right choice you have made for your car.

How to maintenance paint protection film?

Insist on principle137.3 means parking one day when installation done+Inspection in

3days+wash car after 7days. every season(3months) uses ppf maintenance detergent and

detailing liquid.

  • Regular washing- Wash your car as often as possible as the PPF protects your car but does not clean it. But make sure not to use low-quality cleaning materials, and avoid doing it in direct sunlight.
  • Quick cleaning- Whenever you notice any stain or bird droppings on your car remove them immediately as they can cause damage.
  • Once PPF is applied, give one week time or at least seven days to adhere properly before you wash the weekly.
  • Avoid pressure washers from the edges of the film as it can reduce the protection.
  • Don’t use any abrasive chemicals. If you are not able to clean it then take help from a professional.
  • Never use any power buffer on PPF.
  • Check every edge if there is dust remain on conor and uses tools wipe it away.
  • Uses professional care cream evenly on ppf surface and wipe with fiber towel 5minutes later.

You can plan to consider this film and keep this extra protective layer especially when your car is exposed to the following:

  • If you frequently park your car in an area where there are plenty of trees to protect it from birds, leaves, and natural debris.
  • If you frequently travel or commute for a long distance you can then consider making use of the paint protection film to avoid repainting.


PPF is the crown that provides car owners with efficient means of protection. The chemical properties of the film enable it to safeguard the cars that are wrapped in it.

  • High resistance

PPF has high impact resistance which provides added value and protection against any sort of damage.

  • UV protection

Paint protection films are also great as they protect your car from the harmful ultraviolet rays hence preventing it from being oxidized.

  • Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

These films are resistant to chemical contaminants and any sort of corrosion. They will defend your car surface against yellowing, stains from the acid rains, deposits, etc.

  • Easy to maintain

They are super easy to clean, maintain and are also anti-graffiti.

  • Hydrophobicity
    PPFs are very effective in repelling water and reduces the occurrence of spots of any kind.
  • Optical clarity

The films are light, thin, and transparent and are highly protective as they don’t damage the original shine and color of the car.

  • Longevity and durability

Have you ever thought about how long does ppf lasts? If applied properly through a professional, the lamination can stay for more than 5 years.

When you are exploring for a paint protection film you will notice the price varies greatly. This difference occurs due to the quality of the material used, its durability, and thickness, etc. It is due to this fact that certain PPF products are different from others.  Nick PPF is the answer to all your concerns about car protection from scratches and chips.

So leave your worries aside as the protective film is going to stay with your car for long.

If you need expert assistance and support with the installation of the paint protection film then you can contact car paint protection film providers. One of the best providers of paint protection films is Nick PPF.  The team is well versed and will help you with the process of application. Nick PPF team will also assist you with customization of the cutouts wherever required. Nick PPF offers high-quality paint protection films for your vehicles at a very reasonable price. All the processes of research, development, and production are carried out with precision and detail. Nick PPF is excellent in the services it offers as it utilizes the latest techniques and technologies to assist you with the much-needed peace you deserve.

So stop worrying any further and enjoy more as your car is safe when Nick PPF protection is on. It will not just keep your vehicle safe, protected but will also help improve its value, longevity over time. Never compromise on the quality of the protection film you purchase as it is going to leave an impact on your car. Give your car the best it deserves.