Date: Nov, 17th 2021, Wrote by Summer overseas Dept from headquarter NICK® China

  • Dust-free workshop
  • Standard production
  • Insist on technological iteration and innovation
  • Customer-oriented
  • Be professional &strict in paint protection film raw material
  • NICK® at professional exhibition.

NICK® was established in 2000, which is the high-tech manufacturer focusing on the field of automotive films; a self-own factory covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, has its thousand-level cleanliness and dust-free workshop factory, and has an internationally advanced high-precision dual-curing coating production line with high production efficiency and product quality. Stable, R&D is the advantage of protective film production, NICK® has won over 10 invention patents, there are 300 existing service outlets nationwide in China, and nearly 40 worldwide, providing car owners with high-quality products and services, NICK® has passed IS09001 quality control system, ROHS, SGS report, to be a professional paint protection film supplier, we have been on the way. 


Dust-free workshop

NICK® with dust-free vehicle protection film production workshop, which has reached the 1,000-level medical cleanliness standard. eliminate particles, harmful air, bacteria, and other pollutants in the air within a certain space, and control the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air velocity, and air distribution, noise, vibration, lighting, and static electricity reasonably and safely. All items and personnel entering and leaving the cleanroom have to through the air shower room and follow the purification procedure, wear masks & protective clothing, wash & disinfect their hands, and dress in compliance with the rules. In the range. This not only protects the physical safety and health of our employees but also helps us produce environmentally friendly and high-quality clear auto bra.

Standard production

NICK® with a complete car paint protection film production system:

R&D department: keep up with market demand, research and develop protective paint film for cars, and meet market demand.

Production department: NICK® with advanced coating production lines& 

 cutting machine, Formulate daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual production plans to produce ppf films on time and efficiently.

Quality inspection department: strictly control the quality of raw materials and finished products.

Packaging Department: According to standards or according to customer’s requirements, packaging and protecting each roll of tpu paint protection film.

Logistics Department: Arrange transportation tasks on time and be efficient.

Warehouse Department: Classify raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, defective products, and good products strictly according to standards to increase warehouse turnover rate and increase production efficiency.

Innovation& Customer-oriented

NICK embraces changes, constantly learns product knowledge, insists on self-breakthrough, regularly conducts production inspections, and regularly updates equipment and technology.

We adhere to the orientation of meeting customer needs, visit customers regularly, pay attention to their suggestions, understand the changes in local market demand in different countries, promote the active cycle of market and product quality testing, and produce an automotive protective film that meets the needs of the market. Development is inseparable from customer supervision and suggestions.NICK®beyond imagination!

Be professional &strict in invisible paint protection film raw material

Car protective film is well known to consumers for its strong anti-scratch and self-healing functions. PPF has the following remarkable characteristics: heat-activated self-healing, mild to moderate scratches, anti-yellowing, increased brightness, mirror effect, easy surface maintenance, strong tensile strength, strong UV radiation resistance, resistance to rock and salt, insects, and other road debris to protect the cars’ paintwork surface. NICK® self-developed scratch self-repairing patented coating, combined with top TPU and glue, produced PPF, which is liked by friends all over the world. The raw materials of NICK® car PPF come from the world’s top 500 suppliers and are controlled from the source. Product quality is fully guaranteed. We are confident to make the following commitments to NICK® ppf film materials.

The base materials of TPU used by NICK® as the same as the original standard film of the famous car!
The base material of TPU is 100% used Lubrizol which is from the world’s top 500!
The glue of TPU used by NICK® is from the world’s top 500 Ashland!
The automotive film of NICK® used the world’s top 500 Toray optical grade PET protective film!

To ensure the quality of transparent car bras, in addition to having good raw materials, a strict and complete quality inspection system is also required. All automotive film packaging must pass a thorough quality control system before being packaged and delivered to customers. We have professional technical experts and laboratories for testing raw materials and finished products and are equipped with tensile testing machines, wear testing machines, viscometers, ovens, and other testing equipment. Mainly used to test the tensile properties, scratch resistance, high-temperature resistance, yellowing resistance, and adhesion properties of automotive paint protective films. From the raw materials to the production line, to the slitting room, and finally to the packaging, each process has corresponding quality inspection standards. Under this complete quality inspection system, NICK® should and have the ability to be responsible for the quality of each roll clear auto bra

To be a professional paint protection film manufacturer, we are confident to do so.

Details determine success or failure. We have a professional design team and packaging team. To deliver the clear bra ppf to the customer intact, we have designed a unique and durable packaging box for auto paint protection film.

  1. Rolling up the PPF film with the paper cylinder.
  2. Cover with transparent car film per roll.
  3. Packed into NICK® box.
  4. Two rolls into one bigger carton, better protect films during shipping.

car paint protection film development history

Rome was not built in a day. To become a professional ppf manufacturer, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research on the development history of ppf. We are fortunate to witness and participate in the development history of ppf.

2000  PVC 

Rhino leather PVC protection film apply to the automotive interior panel.

2005 -TPH

Paint Protection Film applies to automotive paint protection level up to PVC.

Specification width in 152cm by Length 150cm.

2012 –TPU

Paint Protection Film applies to automotive paint protection, both interior and exterior decoration.

Specification width in 152cm by Length 150cm.

2018- Nowadays TPU

2018-TPU Paint Protection Film with State of art Nano coating technology come to a different level.

  • NICK® show at the professional exhibition:
  • Professional exhibitions provide us with a platform for growth. We actively participate in various paint protection film industry exhibitions and other relative shows, to keep pace with the times and keep making progress to create better and higher quality products. Participating in a professional exhibition is not only an opportunity to learn from peers but also an opportunity for us to go to the market and better understand consumers’ requirements. NICK® has participated in GT show, Shanghai Automechanika, Detailer Day Expo, Tokyo Auto Salon, America Sema Show, Canton fair, Dubai Automechanika.